A Date
at the Movies
The music is the magic,
and the score is the soul.

Music producers: Humberto Gatica, Yurii Shepeta, Assia Ahhatt, Al Walser

Violin solo: Assia Ahhatt

Engineers: Humberto Gatica, Martin Nessi, Sergii Rebryk, Kostiantyn Kostenko, Dmytro Ilchuk

Arrangers: Tom Keane, Carlos Rodgarman, Yurii Shepeta

Recorded at: Hollywood UA, Lionshare Studios, NRG Studios, The Spot Recording, Rodgarman Studios, APM Studios, East West Studios, Rock'N'Rave studios, Komora Studio

Orchestra: Kiev Symphonic Orchestra

Piano and synths: Tom Keane, Carlos Rodgarman

Drums: Vinnie Colaiuta

Drums Programming: Tom Keane

Bath Synth: Tom Keane, Carlos Rodgarman

Guitars: Dean Parks, Tim Pierce, Ramon Stagnaro

Percussions: Rafael Padilla

Vocals: Joshua Ledet, Al Walser

Mixing: Humberto Gatica, Martin Nessi (assisted by Andres Guerrero), Sergii Rebryk

Mastering: Vlado Meller, at Truphonic Recording (South Carolina), Sergii Rebryk

Project management: Oksana Voinych

Every time I watch these magnificent films, the music enters my soul and comes to rest within my heart. It transforms contempt into compassion; resentment into forgiveness; indifference into love. These classic love stories have stayed with me since my earliest childhood, when my parents would take me to the movies and I first learned to dream.

Later, there would be a first date at the movies. In the intimate seats at the very back of the theater, we experienced a shy sense of wonder at the passionate romance set against heartbreakingly beautiful music... and we learned about true and unconditional love.
That's what we need right now in this crazy world.

Assia Ahhatt

Ukrainian musician, violinist, singer, is a highly trained and much-honored laureate and winner of international competitions. As a soloist of Ukraine’s National Philharmonic, she has performed in the largest concert halls in the CIS and Europe. She has for many years been collaborating with leading studios in Europe and America. Her debut single If Only Tonight was recorded at West Lake Studio in Los Angeles and released in the U.S. in 2013.

The track gained worldwide popularity, topping several Billboard charts. The remix of If Only Tonight, produced by legendary DJ Ralphie Rosario, made Billboard's National Dance Club chart and became a major hit in American dance clubs. Assia’s 2017 album All In, produced by 16-time Grammy winner Humberto Gatica, has been submitted for 8 Grammy nominations. A Music Extravaganza is a 2019 television show and album produced by the American producer Gene Bortnick. Producers of Assia Ahhatt's new album A Date at the Movies are Humberto Gatica, Ukrainian producer Yurii Shepeta, Assia Ahhatt and 2-time Grammy winner Al Walser.


In recent years, our world has undergone such rapid changes that most of us feel we’re running to catch up. From the onset of the 24-hour news cycle and social media, to the rise of artificial intelligence and virtual-reality technologies, to general global unrest, it can seem as though the earth is constantly shifting beneath our feet.

Recent events have heightened this feeling. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought quarantines, lockdowns, business closures, and job losses that affect us, our friends, our families, and our communities. But as we contemplate how to move forward, we’re coming to learn that the values we were taught in childhood are the ones that will see us safely through this time of crisis: honesty, sincerity, love, kindness, and compassion. These values are the bedrock of our civilization, and they’re represented in the music we love.

The musical selections that were so carefully chosen for A Date at the Movies have shaped us as a people and as a society. These classic themes of love and life have helped generations of people through difficult times. In her brilliant new album, Assia invites listeners to experience joy through the scores of the world's best-loved films. Assia has created new classical arrangements for the music from some of the biggest stars ever to perform: from Barbra Streisand and Elvis Presley, to Celine Dion and Lady Gaga. This magnificent music will take you back to the most important, memorable, and moving moments of your life: a first date, true love, strong feelings, deep emotions-- everything that makes our lives so precious.

Ukrainian violinist Assia Ashatt, one of Europe’s most honored instrumental artists, conceived A Date at the Movies while on her wildly successful U.S. concert tour for A Music Extravaganza in 2019 and early 2020, which followed PBS’ TV production of the concert.

Assia’s gifts were warmly embraced by American audiences, with families across the country flocking to her live shows. Audiences of all ages loved the show for its brightness and energy, as well as for the masterful arrangements and impeccable performances, soaring vocal and instrumental solos, advanced video and lighting effects, sophisticated choreography, and bright, innovative costumes. 

The PBS TV production A Music Extravaganza is scheduled to air again across the U.S. beginning in September 2020, before Assia’s new U.S. and Canada tour begins in March 2021. The much-anticipated concert will include songs from the new album, A Date at the Movies.

The Way We Were
This bittersweet ballad reminds us that love is always worth the cost.
(The Way We Were, 1973)
Tears In Heaven
Eric Clapton’s heartrending tribute to his young son expresses the infinite nature of love.
(Rush, 1991)
Kiss from a Rose
Seal has never told anyone the meaning of this song’s lyrics, but the hauntingly beautiful music is transcendent.
(Batman Forever, 1995)
Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On my Head
Hope shines through every note of this classic: happiness awaits, even if it’s not in sight just yet.
(Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, 1969)
How Deep Is Your Love
The melody itself makes this song an anthem of unbounded, unlimited, unconditional love.
(Saturday Night Fever, 1977)
Leonard Cohen’s masterwork, one of the most magnificent pieces of music ever written, moves us all in ways we couldn’t imagine.
(Shrek, 2001)
My Heart Will Go On
Rose and Jack’s love bloomed on the doomed ship-- and we knew we’d never let go.
(Titanic, 1997)
Quizas Quizas Quizas
The Latin rhythm throbs with romance as it speaks of the possibilities of love: perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.
(Strictly Ballroom, 1992; Running with Scissors, 2006)
Ally and Jackson’s song of eternal love convinced us that soulmates are real.
(A Star Is Born, 2018)
Can’t Help Falling In Love
Elvis Presley’s ballad of irresistible love has stood the test of time, taking generations along on life’s greatest journey.
(Blue Hawaii, 1961)
Studio time with Humberto Gatica and Dean Parks
Live on stage with the orchestra